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Hunter Mosquito Killer Machine

Hunter Mosquito Killer Machine

We are offering Hunter mosquito killer is a revolutionary device that works on the principles of biotechnology, air current and optics to attract and kill mosquitoes en masse.

Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine

We manufacture electronic Mosquito Killer machine that are completely safe for humans, pets and surrounding areas. It eliminates mosquitoes within a range of 200sqft radius and is totally free from harmful odour or hazardous vapor.

Insect Killer Machine

We manufacture a low power consuming Insect Killer Machine that is easy to use & light weight. These are odorless & keeps away allergy and diseases like malaria, dengue etc.

Fly Killer Machine

We design and develop a highly effective Fly Killer machines that are suitable for killing most type of flying insects like flies, mosquitos. This eco-friendly Fly Killer Machine prevents air pollution and effectively kills mosquitoes, flies & other insects.

Electric Mosquito Killer Machine

Clients have shown extreme satisfaction with the Electric Mosquito Killer Machine offered by us that is non-hazardous and ecofriendly.

Mosquito Trap Machine

We manufacture smokeless, highly efficient, ecofriendly Mosquito Trapping Machine that are safe to use and helps to trap mosquitoes within a short span of time after switching on the device.

Indoor Mosquito Killer Machine

One of our most sought after devices are the Indoor Mosquito Killer machine that produces no smoke & odour. The range ensures safe, clean and healthy environment by destroying all mosquitoes.